Thursday, October 16, 2008

we hope you scooby-DOO have a happy halloween :)

snax, cali, trixie, and cadet

snax here :) and for da record, i'm shaggy (cause i'm da silly one), cali is velma (cause she's the suspicious one), trixie is daphne (cause she's da princess!), and cadet is freddy (cause he's the boss!)!

and thanks to our meowmy for entering us into the contest!! these were meowmy's real costumes for a halloween party. she was velma!

we are having a GREAT time looking at everyone else's entries :):) you are all so creative! and we hope you leave us some scooby snacks for our candy sacks. teehee!

we love you auntie kellykat! xoxoxo thanks for inviting us.


Kellykat said...

Ha ha ha!! I love it! My girl said that she thought that picture looked a bit familiar to her. Thanks for entering! Be sure to tell all your Catster friends to join in the fun too!

ZOOLATRY said...

They will surely scare all our sweet kitty kats away...